Gordon Freeman

Gordon Freeman, Chemistry Faculty and staff head shots

Gordon Freeman was born in 1930 in Hoffer, Saskatchewan and was introduced to Stone Age artefacts at the age of six. His father collected stone projectile points and stone tools from the Saskatchewan prairie after the dry winds had blown away tilled soil.

He obtained an M.A. from the University of Saskatchewan, a Ph.D. from McGill, and a D.Phil. from Oxford. He is a Chemical Physicist, was for ten years Chairman of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Alberta, and for thirty years Director of the Radiation Research Centre there. He is now a Professor Emeritus. For forty years he has pioneered interdisciplinary studies in chemistry, physics, and human societies. Interdisciplinarity is now the standard approach to understanding in the sciences and humanities. He has more than 450 publications in chemistry, physics, and other subjects.

As a hobby he visited many archaeological sites in Canada, the United States, Britain, Ireland, Europe, and Asia. In 1980 he discovered a 5000-year-old Sun Temple in southern Alberta, and has studied it ever since. In 1989 he took observation techniques he had developed in Alberta to England, to resolve the controversy that surrounded a possible calendar in Stonehenge. The astonishingly beautiful, ancient calendars in southern Alberta and Stonehenge are displayed for the first time in recent centuries, with far ranging implications for international prehistory and history.

Gordon Freeman is available for speaking engagements. Contact k.np(at) ualberta.ca

Here are some of Freeman’s speaking engagements.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, in the Star Theatre of the Telus
Science Centre, Edmonton, 18 Nov. 2013.

Calgary Spoken Word Festival, 16 April 2013.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, University of Calgary, 21 Feb.

Nova Scotia Archaeological Society, Halifax, 24 May, 2011.

Accademia delle Scienze, Universita di Bologna, Italy, 2 Dec. 2010.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, in the Star Theatre of the Telus
Science Centre, Edmonton, 9 Feb. 2009.

Gordon Freeman is available for interviews and speaking engagements. Contact lyn@cadencepr.ca.