Canada’s Stonehenge

Canadas-stonehenge-cover-1The first edition of this book was published in Canada and titled Canada’s Stonehenge. To purchase in Canada, CLICK HERE.

Five thousand years ago the Oxbow People on North America’s northern Great Plains created a vast Sun Temple and an astounding calendar. The calendar is so accurate that it revealed a deception in our present-day Gregorian calendar! This ancient Stone Age Time Machine was used almost continuously until about three centuries ago, when Europeans invaded the territory that is now southern Alberta.

During the last twenty-eight years Gordon Freeman has made a major advance in archaeology and prehistory without digging or disturbing the site: simply by observing, photographing, and measuring. Patterns of stones on the ground are an ancient document that can be read. He resolved the decades-old controversy about whether Stonehenge contained a calendar. Surprising new discoveries at Stonehenge display the beautiful ancient 4300-year-old solar and lunar calendars for the first time in history.

On Preseli Mountain in southwestern Wales, Freeman discovered manmade patterns of rocks that are remarkably similar to patterns in the Sun Temple in Alberta. They are of roughly the same age and several centuries older than Stonehenge.

Freeman also reinterpreted data from the solar calendar on Fajada Butte in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. The calendar is even more accurate than the discoverers, Sofaer and Sinclair, believed.

Dramatic photographs and maps throw new light on the genius of the First Peoples of North America.

Canada’s Stonehenge By Gordon Freeman
Kingsley Publishing
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